To my Dear District 5 voters, my volunteers and all my supporters,

It has been an honor to be a District 5 Arcadia City Council Candidate and to have worked with all of you and received all of your support during this experience of a lifetime as a City Council Candidate.

I learned a lot from all of you and also appreciate your help and caring hearts. Without your support and help I would not have been able to get through many of the obstacles I encountered during this election.  I thank you all for standing behind me even with the Chinese media, newspapers, postcards, flyers and people repeatedly pounding on your doors, all attacking your right to freely choose a candidate. You stood behind me with your chins up and heads high. I respect your persistence and standing your ground for me. Even though the election is over, I hope all of you will continue to stand for what you believe and continue to serve our hometown - Arcadia.  We will still work on “Making a difference, one step at a time” until everyone in Arcadia has a Safe and Healthy lifestyle.

A special thanks to Mrs. Yip for all her help even during the most difficult time in her life.  Thank you to my most dedicated husband who was always cheering me up during the campaign.

May God bless Arcadia!

- Jolly Wu

I do NOT support HOA in District 5!

I respect homeowners' rights NOT to be forced into historic preservation.

Gail Marshall Testimonial

"Please give Jolly Wu the opportunity to serve you and 'make a difference one step at a time'"

-Gail Marshall, former mayor of Arcadia

Truth About Arcadia Dial-A-Ride

Find out what REALLY led to the decision to limit Arcadia Dial-A-Ride service to Seniors and Disabled persons, by whom and why.

The Sierra Madre Tattler!

Covering Sierra Madre, Pasadena, Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley. They did an article on my campaign for Arcadia City Council District 5.


Dear District 5 Arcadia Resident,

My name is Jolly Wu. I came from Taiwan, but Arcadia is now my home. I am a retired pharmacist and I am running for Arcadia City Council, District 5. I am the only self-funded candidate and I do not accept donations from special interest groups or individuals.

When I get elected, I will concentrate on making Arcadia a safe, healthy, and happy community for all residents.

For over 10 years I worked as a pharmacist and I have been a resident and homeowner in Arcadia since 2000.

In many ways I have worked to improve our community.

  • Making the Arboretum friendlier to seniors and people with physical hardships.
  • Participated in Congressman David Dreier’s home town meetings.
  • Advocating for safe, smooth sidewalks on Live Oak, Las Tunas, Baldwin Avenues and in the Foothill Blvd. business district.
  • I worked to improve Arcadia’s bus system and making Dial-A- Ride for Arcadia residents only.

The Platform

A City With Reduced Crime By

  1. Increasing police patrols in problem and potential problem areas;
  2. Giving recognition at city council meetings to outstanding policemen and women;
  3. Increasing neighborhood watch programs until every street participates; and
  4. Helping to coordinate local resources and form a program to address homelessness in Arcadia

A City With Improved Traffic and Safety By

  1. Creating Arcadia Newcomer workshop and welcome package;
  2. Identifying problematic streets and fixing them;
  3. Raising pedestrian awareness of Safe Pedestrian Crossing; and
  4. Making sure traffic signals are at their maximal efficiency

A Business-Friendly Community By

  1. Creating programs to assist new small businesses to start up successfully;
  2. Routing Arcadia Transit fixed route buses into shopping areas to increase ridership and shopping convenience; and
  3. Encouraging reputable businesses to locate in Arcadia.

A Healthy Community By

  1. Promoting the concept of healthy community throughout Arcadia;
  2. Allowing Dial-A-Ride to take passengers to medical appointments in surrounding cities;
  3. Working closely with Vector agencies to prevent outbreaks of West Nile disease; and
  4. Inspiring students to focus on education and involvement in community by working closely with the school board.