The Truth About Arcadia Dial-A-Ride

  • 我被指控參與決定將Dial-A-Ride服務僅改為老人和殘疾人。
  • 事實是,我與這些變化無關。這是2016年1月19日阿卡迪亞市議會的決定。該決定是為了使服務符合多個資金來源。
  • 完整的視頻可從Arcadia城市獲得,我已將該會議編輯到適當的部分,以表在該會議上發生的情況。
  • 我還提供了以下會議特定部分的鏈接,供您快速審閱。
  • I have been accused of being involved in the decision to change Dial-A-Ride service to Elderly and Disabled only.
  • The truth is, I had nothing to do with the changes. This was a decision of the Arcadia City Council back on January 19, 2016 before I chose to get involved with Arcadia Transit. The decision was made to bring the service into compliance with multiple funding sources.
  • The full video is available from the city of Arcadia and I have edited that meeting down to the appropriate parts to represent what happened at that meeting in context.
  • I have also provided links to specific parts of that meeting below for a quicker review.

Part 1 - Opening Discussion and The People Speak

  • 9:43在這段視頻中,市長加里科瓦西奇問林達輝關於資金限制的問題。
  • At 9:43 in this video Mayor Gary Kovacic asks Linda Hui about restrictions due to funding.

Part 2 - The people Speak and Ending Discussions

  • 7點45分前蓋爾馬歇爾市長談談殘疾人 Dial-A-Ride 經歷
  • At 7:45 Former Mayor Gail Marshall speaks about the experience of the disabled getting Dial-A-Ride

  • 7:45市議員羅傑錢德勒指出,Dial-A-Ride服務從來沒有打算用作校車,並且這種使用不在資金規定之內。
  • At 7:45 Councilmember Roger Chandler points out that the Dial-A-Ride service was never intended to be used as a School Bus and that that use is outside the funding regulations.

Part 3 - Ending Discussions and Final Vote

  • 在0:02議員Sho Tay談論學生 vs. 老年人和殘疾人
  • At 0:02 Councilmember Sho Tay speaks on Students vs. Seniors and the Disabled

  • 12:15市議會將進行最終投票
  • At 12:15 the City Council takes it's final vote